Youth Pastor

First Baptist Church Smackover | Smackover, AR

Posted Date 6/24/2024

The Youth Pastor of First Baptist Church Smackover is an energetic and passionate follower of Christ. He has a heart for young people, a desire to see them grow in their faith, and a commitment to building meaningful relationships within the community. 


1. Youth Ministry Leadership: Lead and oversee all aspects of the youth ministry, including Sunday school, youth group meetings, and special events.

2. Spiritual Guidance:  Provide spiritual guidance, mentorship, and counseling to youth members, helping them navigate the challenges of adolescence and grow in their relationship with Christ.

3. Teaching and Outreach:  Plan and deliver engaging and relevant lessons and activities that encourage youth to explore and deepen their faith. Actively engage in outreach efforts to connect with youth both within and outside the church.

4. Community Engagement:  Build relationships within the Smackover community, collaborating with local schools, organizations and other churches, and families to create opportunities for youth involvement and community service.

5. Leadership Development:  Identify, mentor, and equip youth leaders within the church, empowering them to actively participate in youth ministry.

6. Event Planning:  Organize and plan various youth events, retreats, and mission trips to foster fellowship and spiritual growth among the youth.

7. Collaboration:  Work closely with the senior pastor, church leadership, and other ministry teams to align the youth ministry with the overall vision and mission of First Baptist Church.

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